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Shift Interactive
Zoom at Your Place, IA
Second Tuesday every month

July 30, 2020

5:30pm - 7:30pm @ Zoom

Cypress Dojo

Michael Leners @micleners

While easy to get started, this dojo will help those looking to jumpstart their experience with Cypress.

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About the talk is “fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser”. It is batteries-included so it comes fully loaded with useful features and perks. It is also open-source, has a strong user community, and is backed by great documentation.

While easy to get started, this dojo will help those looking to jumpstart their experience with Cypress. This includes those new to end-to-end testing and automation engineers coming from a Selenium-based testing background. Prerequisites will be NodeJS locally installed and the project repo downloaded and installed.

Dojo Outline:

To get started testing quickly, I provide a React project with Cypress tests already written for it. We will spend some time getting acquainted with the project layout. Then we will begin exploring running tests in Cypress. We will soon discover that some tests are broken. Fixing these tests will be our first testing task. Then we will create more tests based on the suggestions provided in code. Attendees are then encouraged to explore more ways to test the application.

Note: To streamline the process, please come with the repo pulled down and installed, per the instructions in the README.

Want more?

This workshop will also be provided in a 4-hour version as part of the JavaScript and Friends Conference. Check it out and register today!

About the speaker

Michael Leners is a software developer who transitioned from a career in science and education. He is passionate about front-end best practices and user experience - both for the end-user and developers as users. Michael is currently exploring this field as a developer with Fuse by Cardinal Health in Des Moines, Iowa. Michael enjoys fun and games, but he gets the biggest thrill from collaborative learning and teaching. He is an advocate for minorities in STEM, loves to dance, and geeks out on data. You can find out more about him on his website.

About the sponsor

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