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130 East 3rd Street, Suite 202 Des Moines, IA 50322
Second Tuesday every month

September 11, 2018

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ 130 East 3rd Street, Suite 202

Exploring Evolutionary Computing in JavaScript

Michael Bosworth @bozzltron

As a web developer, you find a rhythm of building backend and front-end services to accomplish a goal. You can get lost in the trees of frameworks, methodologies, and patterns centric to the web and miss the forest of computer science. This was my realization when I first learned about Evolutionary Computing, the idea that computers could produce meaningful results by mimicking biology was a fascinating paradigm shift.

This talk is the story of my journey in understanding EC through JavaScript. I am no expert on the topic, but I can demonstrate EC’s basic mechanics. Coding for a new paradigm as reinvigorated my passion for code and I hope it has the same effect for those in attendance.

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