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Zoom at Your Place, IA
Second Tuesday every month

November 12, 2019

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ 321 East Walnut, Suite 320

Quokka and Wallaby - Must have tools for every JS Developer

Michael Clark


Due to the cancelled meeting I have put together a few videos. Check them out!

Full Demo

Giveaway Results

I’ll be giving a live demonstration of the fantastic Quokka, an in editor prototyping tool. I’ll also be demonstrating the powerful Wallaby, a tool that allows for immediate testing feedback, right in your editor of choice.

We will also be giving away a 1 year bundle license for Quokka + Wallaby, a $150 value! Thanks so much to the gracious Wallaby team for supporting dsmJS!

Wrapping a REST API in GraphQL

Jed R. Meier

We will be interactively wrapping a RESTful API with GraphQL in this lightning talk. Come join us for a hands on live demo of the ease and power of GraphQL.