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Shift Interactive
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Second Tuesday every month

October 08, 2019

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ 4501 NW Urbandale Dr

Becoming Contentful with Your Gatsby Static Site on Netlify

Michael Leners @micleners

JAMStack, say what? Publishing blazing fast and secure websites has never been easier or so free. This talk should be accessible to all, but experience in CMS structure, React, Gatsby, Netlify (or similar) deployment will help! In this talk you can expect to learn about these new technologies and what do they do. How to start a new Gatsby site (or how to start the one I built). How to setup Contentful and create your first model and content. How to link Contentful and Gatsby, use GraphQL to fetch this data and display it on your website. How to use Gatsby’s GraphQL playground to test queries. Finally you’ll see how to deploy to Netlify and connect Contentful to Netlify to trigger builds when your data changes.