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4501 NW Urbandale Dr Urbandale, IA 50322
Second Tuesday every month

May 08, 2018

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ Gravitate, 317 6th Ave, Suite 10

Avoiding the Monorepo

Matt Travi @mtravi

Modularizing a project is important, but doing so comes with overhead. Managing modules as separate packages can be handled as separate repositories, but the complexity involved has led to increased popularity of monorepos. This talk will briefly cover steps I’ve taken to reduce the overhead involved with individual repositories so the monorepos aren’t the only reasonable option.

Hacking a Facebook Instant Messenger Game

Michael W. Clark

Facebook’s Instant Messenger Games are fun HTML5/Javascript games that anyone on messenger can play and build. They are quickly gaining popularity, but many of the developers are missing the mark when it comes to securing their game system. I have discovered a way to ‘hack’ the stats of many free games due to poor architecture and security considerations from one developer. I’ll take you through a few hacks on one of my favorite time killers, Everwing. Free Gems, Trophies, Dragons and more are possible once you understand how the user state is built and transmitted in this game. I hope this demonstration will shed light on potential security pitfalls your javascript applications may have.