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September 12, 2017

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ Gravitate (NEW) 317 6th Ave Suite 102

Async/Await - A solution to callback hell we've been awaiting for.

Paul Searcy @paulsearcy5

In web development we’ve all felt the pain of creating a ‘pyramid of doom’. To handle what we thought was a ‘simple’ singular request to an external endpoint. JQuery, circa late 2000s, made it seem so easy until the community decided we didn’t really need a full library to just do requests. Then we were thrust into the glorious world of event loops, closures, and too many AJAX libraries to count.

Join me and have fun! While I talk about how I’ve used these two keywords in some back-end tooling I use daily at work. And how scrapping webpages recursively, for testing security of course, became so much easier.

Paul Searcy is a Software Developer at Stelter. Where he enjoys writing in C#, JS, and Bash while trying desperately to integrate legacy systems into Docker containers on AWS. He can be found on Github under two accounts: StelterPaulSearcy, tridon777 because why not? Lastly he loves talking about anything related to the future of web development and discussing of the benefits / overhead of types.