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3001 Westown Pkwy West Des Moines, IA 50266
Second Tuesday every month

July 18, 2017

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ 4501 NW Urbandale Dr

An interactive demo with NodeJS and AWS Lambda

Todd Brunia @bruniatodd

You won’t want to miss this interactive demo in which Todd Brunia will build, deploy and test a NodeJS Lambda solution in the Amazon Web Services cloud. From scratch, Todd will demonstrate how to code and unit test a basic Lambda function. He will also show how to deploy a Lambda to the AWS cloud using continuous delivery through Jenkins. If time allows, Todd will also demonstrate how to configure a RESTful web service interface for a Lambda using API Gateway. So, bring your questions and curiosity and learn how to build a serverless backend system for your next UI project!

Todd Brunia is a Senior Software Engineer at Source Allies in Des Moines, IA. Todd also stays busy with his start up, Xilution, Inc., which markets Software as a Service solutions built upon serverless cloud technologies. Todd has over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. Over the last few years, Todd has been focused on projects leveraging Amazon Web Services cloud technologies. He is experienced applying serverless, continuous delivery and automated testing solutions in the cloud. Todd sees great opportunity in the cloud for a wide variety of industries and is excited to share his knowledge with the tech community in Iowa.

Redux And TypeScript - better together

Toran Billups @toranb

Having a blast with reducers, actions and middleware but feeling as if something is missing? What about types to describe the shape of your data structures in your reducers and actions? Join me for a beginner friendly look at what type safety comes to redux by adding TypeScript to the mix!