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Shift Interactive
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Second Tuesday every month

May 09, 2017

6:00pm - 7:00pm @ Denim Headquarters (Space2Work) 700 Locust St

Redux - Journey from MVP to production

Michael Clark @MichaelW_Clark

After inheriting a minimially viable product I was tasked with adding production maturity to our front end application. I’ll be discussing an intro to Redux concepts and touching on multiple patterns and packages that helped propel our miniamally viable product into a much more mature platform.


In garage (Entrance on locust toward 8th) or on street. If parking in the 700 Locust St. Garrage take the elevator to street level then you will have to walk out of the exit and walk 3/4 block back toward 8th street (west) along Locust street to gain access to the Space2Work street entrance.