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November 15, 2016

6:15pm - 7:00pm @ The Forge - 1420 Locust st

From Rx to Redux and Back

Eric Ponto @ericponto

Change management is hard. When my model changes, how do I reflect that in my view? Hundreds of JavaScript libraries and frameworks have been built trying to solve that seemingly simple questions. This talk will seek to answer that question by follow my own journey of adopting the unidirectional data flow pattern that React has popularized.

First we will dig in to the basic of Reactive Programming using RxJS and learn about using Observables to deal with asynchronous streams. Next we will explorer how Redux makes state management easier taking cues from the Elm Architecture which clearly separates the concerns of Models, Views, and Actions. And finally, we’ll take lessons learned from Redux and apply them back to RxJS.