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4501 NW Urbandale Dr Urbandale, IA 50322
Second Tuesday every month

May 12, 2015

6:15pm - 7:45pm @ Principal Financial Group - 655 8th St.


David Moritz @daveymoritz

AngularFire is a lightweight resource the blends the two worlds of Angular and Firebase together. Extending the simplistic 2-way data-binding of Angular to be connected to a RESTful API allows for the coveted “3-way data-binding!” I will be showing examples of this 3-way data-binding and, more importantly, how easy it is to set up and bring your site to the next level. You can also set up authentication very easily using built-in plugins for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus sign-on.

Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript with RxJS

Eric Ponto @ericponto

What is functional programming? What is reactive programming? How do those things come together to make application with JavaScript?

RxJS is a library that helps you manage asynchronous programming using observable streams. Observable steam? It’s like a collection of events over time or like a series of promises. It is a powerful tool for managing data, events, concurrency, etc…